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An implant-supported denture

Denture implants represent teeth roots by helping the bone cells and the jawbone around them to decrease corrosion. Implant supported dentures are more preferable for the patient due to their secured position in the mouth, which decreases the chances for moving or/and slipping out, as well as allows patients speak easily and comfortably with their natural voice. An implant-supported denture is a full tooth replacement denture that is promptly kept in place at the top or the bottom of the mouth by several dental implants providing the support without any need for a palate. Simpatico Dental Studio offers both options, an implant-supported denture in either the upper or lower jaw (bar-retained and ball-retained). An acrylic base gives the natural look to gums with attached porcelain or acrylic composites that are identical to natural teeth.

Screw Retained Crown and Bridges 

Screw Retained Crown and Bridges are a great alternative to removable dentures and have an important benefit of easy access for repairs, hygiene and abutment screw tightening. Options for anterior and posterior crowns are available. The crown and abutment are made from all-zirconia with the titanium interface. Thanks to the screw retained design, all of these procedures are easily manageable. Moreover, the zirconia material is tremendously resistant to plaque buildup for long-lasting esthetics. Other advantages of such implant services include durability, affordable cost, predictable retention, and elimination of cement under the gingival tissues as a potential irritant.

Custom Abutment

Simpatico Dental Studio offers custom abutments in the following options: titanium, zirconia, titanium-zirconia hybrids, and titanium-lithium disilicate hybrid. Customized abutments play significant role in restoring a single tooth or a multi-unit implant supported bridges and have numerous advantages, such as the design and full control over setting of finish lines, easy adaptation to the sulcus shape and many more. Customized abutments are the best match for any clinical implant case and can be applied to any position in the mouth leading in the esthetic part. Our laboratory will help to reduce the amount of time dental care professionals spend restoring an implant by providing custom abutment design, necessary modifications, and eliminating abutment selections and preparations. Custom abutment contributes to gingival health by high level of gingival tissue care management. Other advantages include limited visibility of metal structures, superior fit of copings to the abutment, and increased crown retention.


The all-on-four technique allows to restore a full fixed screw-retained bridge on only four dental implants. Due to this technique, a non-removable bridge can be placed to the patient’s mouth at the day of the surgery. This process is possible by using the space of the dense bone that in the anterior section of the arch has and implementing two posteriors on an angle, what will minimize chances for the sinus cavities in the upper and the nerve in the lower. Moreover, this method often helps to prevent bone grafting. All-in-4 results in enhancing patient satisfaction in different areas, such as time, price, esthetics, sense, speech, and self-esteem.

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